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Ziteso provides information, analytical tools, and data to organizations and individuals that help them to make financial decisions and to manage the risk. Our mission is to help organizations to make their business more profitable. We provide opportunities to business owners to gain knowledge about managing and protecting their business information and make the most beneficial financial and purchasing decisions.


We have top-class data in terms of quality and quantity. We regularly update our data to provide our clients true insights into the industry.

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Technology and innovation

Technology is like the blood of our organization. It helps to run and manage all of our operations. Without innovation, no business can survive; we invest in our employees to get innovative solutions for possible challenges.

About Us

A business with a great credit report will be a definite factor that potential buyers take into consideration. Another situation is when you want to expand the business. An investor will come in to support your business only after confirming and determining that your business has a good credit report..